You have my personal page is clicked, because you still want to know more, right? Right.

Well, then I will try my literary talent shows to attract even more to me than to share with you.

"It came in a distant country where cold winds and rough manners dominated daily life, .."

Hmmmh. Okay. I have a view, I still prefer singing and leave those who were born to write the letter .-

So let me sing!
Because I was born to sing.

I have always sung. When I put the flowers rich portrayals of my parents to be believed, I was already singing to the world market. It is, the senior had my birth with my father - besides my mother sighing - in the duet sung. As a child I had little musical productions "or" circus performances "invade. Since I am the biggest part of my childhood on the sea spent, it was close, too, to sing. Either I have sung to dolphins, porpoises called, to attract (and who knows where there are porpoises, which also knows how sea, I found most of the time). Or my mother and I tried, the bad weather besingen, having to sing so to speak (what is in these northern climes as a true art proved).

Well, today I besinge e.g. the Moon (Rusalka / Dvorak, aria to the moon). Well, so much has not changed, however, no fish today to hear more about ... Although - who knows, maybe if I sing in my home ... One man called us up here in the north yes (more or less fondly) "fish Köppe ".--- But with the weather today has somehow not worked so well, so I even changed the subject and now besinge love, moving men's and women's fates and dramatic events as set out in the imagination of the composer emerged. Since I'm still young so I can not exactly say whether the fold is better, but I am firmly convinced. I can not imagine anything else to do than to sing.

Of course, there are still singing alongside the other things that their place in my life: Above all the loving people around me to accompany my way, but also my dog, the sea, the desert and the Orient! I think I must be unimaginably beautiful amphitheater this earth - especially in the Orient - again "presentable" make. What a task, then I can the people, the moon, the desert and the weather simultaneously besingen ... .

Well, me and who does not believe that everything can be the best once visited one of my concerts and makes himself a picture of whether I'm born to sing, or not!

I would be pleased for your call or mail!

My phone number: +49 4154/8309062


Sincerely yours,

your Katherina Maria Kagel

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